SINGAPORE: Part 3 – Sentosa Island & Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa

image image image image image imageimageOur Facebook picture journey through Sentosa Island and beyond, from the link below – Sentosa Island is a popular Island resort in Singapore visited by more than 20 million people because of its beauty and wonderful attractions like Universal Studios, Vivo city mall the biggest shopping center, Fort Siloso, Food Republic to excite your enzymes on the different dishes available and one of the best places to stay, Shangri La’s Rasa Santosa Resort and Spa, with its beautiful beach facing the South Asian Sea, where you can take a dip, catch a sunset or sunrise.

Sentosa Island is truly one of the best places that has captured our attention with its natural beauty, and should never be missed on any trip to Singapore.
To book a Singpaore or any other vacation, contact us:, 1(800) 880-9591 or visit our website


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