Celebrity Eclipse – 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Modern Luxury Cruise

As a Cruise Counsellor, we support pretty much all the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) member Cruise lines; but the kind of clients we have most times dictates the Cruise line, we support the most. Celebrity Cruises, happens to be one of those cruise lines and for obvious reasons…MODERN LUXURY!! We have been to the Caribbean so many times, but going on a different ship each time gives you a new experience because today’s Cruise liners are destinations on their own and Celebrity Eclipse is a sure winner! We were 52 in our group as part of an OSSN (Outside Sales Support Network) FAM, which means there would be classes to go with the adventure, ouch…! Anyway, not to worry, I love school, who doesn’t?? OK, forget I said that, but seriously, we had a great time and I in particular had a fantastic time (I always do on a cruise anyway), because I can safely tell you that this cruise was one of the BEST if not the BEST I have been on! I love Celebrity ships or should I say, I love luxury; don’t we all!



Where do I begin, the ship is gorgeous, the service excellent, there are amenities you don’t find on any other ship; Like the real grass lawn, where you can play lawn games, relax, put a hole-in-one, have a picnic etc.. Did I mention butler service with white glove treatment and chocolate on your pillow every night? If you are in a Suite, you even get your shoes shined for you! I am blabbering, right? OK, I am going to slow down because  excitement does not go well with writing, so I will start from the beginning…. Celebrity Eclipse has amenities that will pamper you, awaken your senses, excite your desires and calm the hunger in you! There are fantastic Broadway and Comedy shows, Ball room dancing, Fitness Seminars ( Vickie and I attended a detox class, very interesting), A large two-level Library (we visited twice to relax and read), Apple Classes to learn how to use the latest ipads, iphones or MAC computers; Boutique and Jewelry Fashion Show, Masque Theme Party, Adult Game Show, Motown them party, Chef cook-off and Restaurants like Blu which catered to the Aqua Class Stateroom guests and includes SPA treatment for them; Bistro on Five, Oceanview Cafe, Gelateria Cafe al Bacio; Specialty dining at the Tuscan Grille, Qsine and a 5-Star Restaurant Murano, where Celebrity treated us on our first night. We dined on Creamy Maine Lobster Bisque, Wild Forest Mushroom Cappuccino, Porcini and Morei Risotto, Heirloom Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Smoked Salmon and Peekytoe Crab Parfait, Warm Goat Cheese Souffle, Les Petits Filet, Loup DeMer and for dessert we had Pear and Pineapple Gelee Napoleon and Les Perles Socrees. Ahhhhh I could go on and on, and yes, the food was absolutely delicious! The Chef out did himself as we were told, just for us. I had to tell them not to bring anymore food to me after the second course, because I was so full, but it was all good and we all had too much to eat that night! Another excellent dining feature on any Celebreity ship, is room service, whcih unlike many ships, you have a full meal menu in your room; not just snacks or sandwiches, because I enjoyed a delicious grilled Salmon on two nights that I was not feeling too well to dine with the group. The lobster on Captain’s dinner night was equally delicious, almost everyone on my table ordered two!




I am not really one for desserts, but to be honest, I had more deserts on this cruise than at any one time in my life! I ate chocolate twice a day, (honey chocolate ummmm), the guy at the Gelateria Cafe al Bacio remembered me after my third trip and I was there twice a day, every day! I had creme bruleee every night after dinner, by the way that is my favorite desert; and I had fresh baked coconut cookies in the evenings! Boy, I think I have gained another 20 pounds just talking about it. Did I do all that??? Oh God I did, ouch….I really did and Vickie just kept on watching me; I pray my doctor never reads this, ever!! What happens on a cruise stays on the cruise, but unfortunately for me, I have to blog about it. So its all out!


You can also have a great shopping experience on the ship. We went into every shop with Vickie and another time with Eva; and we all wanted like a gazillion things but with one kid in college and another going this year, I had to stop myself at just one bottle of perfume, the NEW Roberto Cavalli that is not yet in the United States at the time. DUTY FREE, oh yeah! There was increadible music performed at the different lounges all around the ship and I really enjoyed the performance by Gitarist Jonny Mantra, which I recorded and have posted on our Youtube page. (www.youtube.com/yerotravels).

I will only briefly talk about the Ports, because I have already done that in my earlier blogs. In San Juan, Peurto Rico, some of us shopped for souvenirs, walked around old San Juan and took pictures, while others went on excursions. In St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, we were picked up by Vickie’s friend Carl, who took us to his house to hang out for a while, then we went Pandora shopping and later to Marriott Frenchman’s Cove for a Site Inspection and Tour. We book clients to Marriott, so it was nice to see some of the updated renovations on the property while there. It is a beautiful property and excellent for vacationing. In Philipsburg, St. Maarten, we went shopping, pure and simple! I bought some shirts for my boys which is where I get those brand name shirts like Lacoste, very cheap and duty FREE, bought some beautiful summer kaftan-blouses for myself and for my friends. As always, when in St. Maarten we enjoyed the coconut smoothie, which to me is the best in the world and can only be found there. Every time we have clients going there, I never fail to mention the coconut smoothie and they come back giving it an A+! But for the best Mango smoothie, go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!




Our las two days at Sea were relaxing yet FUN and engaging. I worked out in the GYM, had a hot stone massage at the AquaSPA by Elemis and stocked up on my Elemis products like Japanese oil and Frangipani oil from the shop; then I moved to the Solarium (Adult only area) where I soaked myself in the hot tub for about 35 minutes and later laid in the Cabana to read a book that I never actually got to open, because I fell asleep while taking in the breathtaking oceanviews; but when I woke up, I was relaxed, fully re-freshened and ready for lunch! hahahaha! That night I also went to the Disco, had a groovy time and made new friends! Ahhh, there is so much you can do or not do, on a Cruise vacation. I also love some moments of solitude, I know what you are thinking, solitude on a cruise?? But yes! At night I wake up most times at 2:00am to sit on my balcony to enjoy the fresh sea air while looking out at the ocean waves, taking it all in, and I brain storm business ideas, come up with solutions to unsolved problems, pray and sometimes write a poem or two. On this Cruise I actually wrote two poems… (www.loveuntamed.wordpress.com); too much time on my hands? I guess so, but only on a Cruise! Hahaha!




On the last day at Sea we had a Celebrity Cruise product update Class and we got to play Celebrity Jeopardy, which was exciting but it was more so for me because I WON! Yippeee!(Shish, I am a Celebrity Academy 5-Star Graduate Agent, may be they should not have let me play) Hahahahaha! Any way my prize was to dine with the second and third place winners and our chosen guests at Qsine Restaurant. Qsine a one of a kind dining, is an artistic culinary experience like no other! Your menu is an ipad… ipad… yes an ipad is the menu and you make your selection from it. A fantastic presentation of exotic foods that will tantalize any taste buds, of tastes around the world all in one night; three hours to be precise! From Chinese, Mediterranean, American, Arab dishes, you name it…. we were all truly impressed and loved every bite! The service was superb and the dessert, like the Silver bullet was divinely delicious! Who knew I could take a bullet!! WOW! If by now you are not drooling over what I am saying and thinking of going on a cruise, then please, go see a doctor or something… Hahahahaha!!




Now you know how cruising makes me feel, how good and exciting it can be, how you can let out your inner self, put everything behind, simply relax and have a GREAT TIME!! It does wonders to your health, of course without all the desserts! You visit different destinations, meet new people and if you are with loved ones, you spend quality time together…. PRICELESS!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, now, take a deep breath and contact me, because you are going on a Celebrity Cruise. But before then, I will not end with out thanking, Melody Fee, Vice President OSSN; Patricia Bannister, Regional Director OSSN; Cris De Souza of Celebrity Cruises; Oliver Dukic, Celebrity onboard food Manager who catered to our every, sometimes impossible needs; Sonia Boatwright, Sales Supervisor at Marriott Frenchman’s Cove in St. Thomas, my good friend Vickie who puts up with my picky ways (I love you girl), Carl and the rest of the group for making this cruise another special one.

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