My Royal Caribbean 7-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise/Rock Climbing Adventure!

There is a lot to say about Travel, the various destinations, experience, people, culture, cuisine; but then there is also a lot to say about Cruising! The ships, the ocean breeze, sailing into a sunset or sunrise, multiple destinations on one trip, the food, the pampering ummmm.. I just love Cruising! But there is just one thing I can  say about a Royal Caribbean Cruise that will pretty much sum it up for you, WOW!!


Yes WOW! Royal Caribbean delivers the WOW on their ships, their service to the guests and to us their Travel Partners. I was recently on a 7-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico onboard one of the Voyager Class Ships; Adventure of the Seas. Beautiful ship with marvelous interior decor, a Royal Promenade with shops and Cafes lined up and busy like the streets in Paris, Broadway shows and Parades in the theater and the Royal Promenade, Ice skating shows, Spa, Gym, an expansive children’s program, the Windjammer Cafe & Island Grill where Susan and I enjoyed most of our meals and my favorite the Rock Climbing Wall. Yes, I did say rock climbing wall on a cruise ship, on the ocean and I had an exhilarating experience. Woo I can still feel the adrenaline rush in me just thinking about it! Simply put, numerous amenities and activities for everyone on the ship to enjoy.  


This particular ship  felt like home away from home for me, except that my kids were back home! Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyway, as a graduate of the Royal Caribbean University of WOW, by the way “Expert Plus” this was a graduation gift from Royal Caribbean International. Nice isn’t it? I thought so myself. I always prefer balcony staterooms or Suites, but this time Susan and I had a Promenade Stateroom and it was just beautiful, I would sometimes sit on the huge bay window and look down the Royal Promenade, the activities going on, the live music and people passing by. It was a nice change from a balcony Stateroom and it could be good for those looking for a bigger view with out the ocean. It was also very large in size and I guess because Adventure of the Seas is a large ship.


On this 7-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise we departed from the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan a very popular and beautiful vacation destination has a very rich cultural heritage and history and we enjoyed the city and a tour of Old San Juan before going to the port . We visited the Ports of  Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten and St. Croix. Our first and only day at Sea we had all the official stuff taken care of, so that we could enjoy port days on the various Islands. It was fantastic, I fell in love with our first port; Barbados and understood why Tiger Woods and many other Celebrities got married there or buy vacation homes. The sand on the beaches, so soft and white like powder and shimmers with crystal-like particles, the water was warm on this day and so very inviting that Susan and I had to make a stop at Carlyle Beach for a swim and stayed there for a couple of hours before her Uncle picked us up and took us to his place where her Aunt made some delicious Curried Chicken for lunch.


Our next Port was St. Lucia, beautiful St. Lucia with it’s tropical, breathtaking  coastal views of Mountains and trees, birds chirping everywhere, it was hard not to fall in love again! You are now laughing right? She loves Barbados and now St. Lucia. What’s up with her! Hey, who says you can’t love twice? Simmer down now, my good friend Hortensia Joseph of the St. Lucia Tourist  Board arranged for us to be picked up, did some property site inspection and tour of the Island. Great Resorts in St. Lucia, I highly recommend Ladera Resort, Soufriere where you get “View with a room”, rather than “Room with a view” and Anse Chastanet & Jade Mountain Resort, Soufriere with it’s breathtaking views of the mountain, the Pitons and Ocean combined.

We had a quick stop at the Boa Constrictor Forest where I took a picture with one around my neck! I know you are thinking “She must be crazy” a snake around her neck? A lot of my friends on Facebook thought so too, when they saw the pictures, but then my family and a few friends expected that of me; knowing that when I was growing up, my Dad had a couple of Snakes in our house. You see I have never learnt to run away from those reptiles!



Back on the ship that afternoon was my Rock Climbing appointment, I got ready and Susan and I headed for the wall. There were a couple of people there already, we waited for them to finish setting up and signed off our lives on a piece of paper before getting our helmets and climbing shoes. Susan was at the bottom, so she could get some great shots and also video tape. One thing you should know about me is that I am a very adventurous person and also very daring.

My visits to theme parks with my kids is for the thrill of the rides and my first son and I, like to go for the highest rides, we’ve gone on the tallest ride in the world “The King da Ka”. I have also done some mountain climbing with my Dad when I was younger, so I thought “Rock Climbing” piece of Cake right? Wrong!!! It looked easy, I started out fine and then half way my arms were tired and I looked up there was no place for me to place both hands, what was required of me was to to pull my whole weight up with both hands on one support before getting to the next level. I froze and looked up again and thought to myself with this extra 20 pounds I gained, this thing is going to conquer me today. Down below Susan was shouting “Go Binta Go” “You can do it” Our Royal Caribbean Rep. was also shouting, “Don’t let me down girl” I have also promised the kids some pictures and a video for Youtube! Now what? There was just one thing for me to do, I reminded myself YOU NEVER QUIT! So I pushed up, grabbed the hold and pulled with all my might and the rest was easy, made it to the top, grabbed the bell and rang it loud and clear!! It felt good, I felt a high and an adrenaline rush like never before that got me thinking why in the world would people do drugs? Go climb something or drop down a roller coaster! By the way my arms did hurt that night!



The next few days we were in St. Maarten where I did some shopping and enjoyed the most delicious Coconut Smoothie at the Port. St. Maarten is an interesting island divided into two and occupied on one side by the French and the other by the Dutch. We visited both sides, it was fun, beautiful and  the people, friendly. In Antigua we did some property site inspection there too and In St. Croix, US Virgin Islands we were given a historical tour of the Island by the Tourist Board, did some more property site inspection there and enjoyed lunch on the beach. Susan had a quick swim in the ocean but our colleague Gary, his wife and myself had a nice talk and enjoyed the view before we all were taken back to the ship.



Have you ever taken a trip, that went so well, you were so happy and enjoyed every aspect of it? Well, this was one of those trips for me. I was fine, no migraines, no problems, I was well rested and had so much fun, that I did not want it to end. But hey! Look at it this way, it had to end for me to look forward to the next trip right?

There are more pictures on our Facebook page, Rock Climbing video on our Youtube page or on our website and if you are interested in taking a Royal Caribbean Cruise, visiting any of the Islands mentioned above or have any questions, do not hesitate to call 1(800) 880-9591, email: or check out our website at

Thank you and great appreciation to Royal Caribbean International, Hortensia Joseph and the St. Lucia Tourist Board, Antigua Tourist Board and St. Croix US Virgin Islands Tourist Board.

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