About US

Yero Travels has been in business since 2008 – As Travel Service Providers, we are Elite Cruise Counsellors, Luxury Specialists, Luxury Cruise Specialists, Destination Specialists and Vacation Planners that put you at the center of every planning exercise; and you benefit from our experience, knowledge, expertise & Industry connections. We help guide you make intelligent buying decisions in Travel. Our trained/certified Agents, will assist you in evaluating the numerous options available to you, so that you can make the right choice to ensure the best possible & satisfying experience on your vacation. We also make sure when on-going sales are lower than what you paid, even after final payment has been applied, we will do our best to renegotiate if possible, get a refund for you, an upgrade or any added amenities applicable at the time – something you may not be aware of on your own. Our good relations with our Travel Partners, ensures that we can sometimes get you what is not available to the general public.


“The (ECC) Elite Cruise Counsellor designation is conferred by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) upon dedicated travel professionals who have completed an extensive program of classroom training, cruise experience, ship inspections, Sales and a combination of video training and attendance at Industry events. Graduates of the Cruise Line International Academy. “A CLIA Certified Cruise Counsellor is your best resource in choosing a perfect Vacation” CLIA.

We Specialize in Cruise Vacations, Land Vacation Packages, Disney Cruise/Disney Packages, Leisure Travel, Honeymoon, Romantic Get Aways, SPA Retreats, Corporate Travel (Airfare & Visa) and Group Travel. Our vast experience in travel, specialization and product knowledge makes it easy for us to plan your vacations or recommend a certain product for you. We also provide services to various Businesses, Trade Missions and Medical Mission Groups to African countries like Ghana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Nigeria; booking Flight, Hotel, processing Visas and other Documentation.

*We offer Interest FREE Monthly Payment Plans on Land Vacation Packages and Cruises to allow you choose and enjoy the Vacation of your dreams.

The peace of mind, in knowing who is handling your business and reachable at anytime – PRICELESS!

OUR VISIONIs bringing people together through Travel, bridging the distance on the globe, providing awareness and knowledge of what is beyond our own backyards, to also help you give back to the community if you wish, through something you are going to do anyway. For large groups, organizations, schools etc, that book vacation or cruises with us, we donate to the school, your chosen charity as fund raiser, or use it for development. CALL FOR DETAILS!

Our Promise:

We promise you dedicated service of excellence because your satisfaction and maintaining a lasting relationship is our goal.

We promise not only to be there through Bon Voyage & Welcome Back Home, but to still be there in case an unfortunate event happens while you were on vacation, to help you in what ever way we can.

OWNER/MANAGER:  “As a daughter of an Ambassador and now an Elite Cruise Counsellor and a Destination Specialist in the Travel Industry, I have been fortunate to have lived and traveled to many parts of the world either by Land or Sea and experienced different cultures, languages, dined on various cuisine, tried many activities, lived and mixed with people of various cultures & ethnic groups. This made me not only want to share the World with everyone but to find the best way to make it easier for our clients. My knowledge & experience guides me to better understand your choices and to be able to help you step out of your dreams by turning them into reality at beautiful destinations around the world. With my extensive training and vast knowledge, my goal is for everyone to be well informed of what ever choice of destination or travel product they choose, unite people across the globe, give back to the community and to go and have a problem free and excellent vacation. I feel blessed every time clients give us the opportunity to turn their dreams into PRICELESS MEMORIES” 

Thank you for reading our travel blog, please keep coming back and forwarding is most certainly encouraged.

About Us page on our website: http://www.yerotravels.com/default.asp?sid=22337&pid=33293

We are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM – United States Eastern Standard Time

Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM – United States Eastern Standard Time
Customer Service: Toll Free:
1(800) 880-9591  

                          24-Hour Text: 1(800) 880-9591

                                                   Fax:  1(301) 805-4314

24-Hour Travel Contact & Emergency:    1(800) 880-9591

24-Hour E-mail for Pricing & Inquiries:   info@yerotravels.com





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