Sandals FAM – Beaches Resort, Turks and Caicos

Soft, white sand beaches, pristine turquoise waters looking emerald from an aerial view is the Island of Turks and Caicos. With over thirty Islands but only seven of them inhabited, Turks and Caicos is a paradise and the biggest attraction is Beaches Resort by Sandals in Providenciales. When we arrived, I fell in love with this paradise island immediately and Beaches Resorts was an added bonus.

Ariel view of T&C  Beaches Resort T&C  Grounds

When you arrive,  you will be diving into a one-of-a-kind, unbelievably exciting all inclusive family vacation at Beaches Turks & Caicos. This Resort is huge and beautiful, divided into three exciting villages, Caribbean, France and the newest and most magnificent addition; the Italian Village which was actually where I had the pleasure of staying on this Sandals FAM.  Some of the Resort highlights include six pools, an amazing  Pirates Island Water Park with a flow rider, Liquid Night Club to groove and shake your stress away at night, which by the way I highly recommend, sixteen specialty restaurants that serve the most delectable cuisine to satisfy any craving and of course the Family Suites in the Italian village that sleep twelve guests. I was in an Italian Village spacious and luxurious Suite, but since there was only two of us, the main living room area was closed, which is the section that sleeps extra four guests. This Suite comes with concierge and butler service, now that is the way it should be; when one is on vacation and may I recommend Ms. Sherry, one of the Butler’s who is very good, professional and goes the extra mile to make guests very comfortable.

SuiteBathroom  Beaches Pool

A couple of my friends and I that night had an Italian dinner at Mario’s, I had Steak and Salmon; it was superb; after which we enjoyed a Sesame Street Parade by Elmo and Friends. By the way Beaches Resort is another home of Sesame Street or should I say Elmo and Friends. In fact the next day after our site inspection of the property, we had a special meet and greet with Elmo and Zoe since the director of our group Ms Lucy happens to be the coordinator of the Sesame Street activities. Now that was neat! My kids loved the pictures I took with Elmo and Zoe, yippee I was a kid again!

Lounge  Water Sports  Pool

Since it was a short FAM and we were departing that night, a couple of my Friends and I headed for town to see some exciting things and may be do a little shopping, boy was I right when I said a little shopping, because Turks and Caicos turned out to be a very expensive Island. Our tour guide a very wonderful man called Lumpy, (please do not laugh at the name) mentioned that a gallon of milk costs $7.00. Ouch!! I can feel the hole in my pockets already! Any way we had a good time in town, visited a private beach and had some fun there, picked up a couple of souvenirs and headed for the Conch Shark where I bought a rare Conch Shell for my living room and my girlfriend ordered some Conch salad. It was an experience watching how the shell was removed and a jelly-like string thing that is believed to work like Viagra was devoured by all the men there before the Conch was taken into the restaurant to be prepared into different dishes. WOW, so much to learn in life!

Da Conch Shark  Lumpy  Elmo, Zoe & I

Anyway, our day ended with us heading back to Beaches Resort where we proceeded to board the buses and head for the Airport. We were all tired and most of us fell asleep on the chattered plane; but before I went to sleep with my eyes closed, I had a nice smile on my face and a picture of my children playing at the huge water park at Beaches Resort, I knew right there that I had fallen in love and would certainly be back and bring the children with me.

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