SINGAPORE: Part 1 – A Bucket List Destination Unveiled

image image image image image imageFrom our Facebook page link below….Singapore is unveiled to capture you like never before – Singapore unveiled, from Marina Bay Sands the World’s most expensive standalone property in the world at S$8 billion, to the SkyPark and best Infinity Pool in the world with great views; to the Merlion Park, China Town, Mustafa 24-hour Shopping Center where everything can be found, the Wonder Full water and lights show at Marina Bay, to one of the most beautiful Airports in the world – Changi Airport.
Known as the Lion City, Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan island-state with a colourful, diverse culture – a living mix of everything, both old and new. The Garden City offers a magnificent range of food and shops, making it one of Southeast Asia’s best shopping and dining destinations. Follow a rich historical trail from it’s colonial beginnings for a travel experience that’s warm, enriching, surprising, and uniquely Singapore.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur and Traders Hotel by Shangri La

image image image imageA beautiful picture journey though our Facebook page link below, to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia a modern city full of rich culture, with breathtaking iconic views like the Petronas Twin Towers, a set of skyscrapers made of glass and steel with Islamic motifs on top. Kuala Lumpur is also about the sizzling street food and other mouth watering mix of Asian culinary traditions. It is also one of the best places for retail therapy, from the high end shops of the Suria KLCC at the Petronas Towers to the local market, there is so much, you can admire and buy.

Kuala Lumpir is also home to some beautiful and very comfortable hotels with great amenities, and are strategically located, like the Traders Hotel by Shangri La, where breakfast, like in most Asain countries is a full course meal. So from budget to 5-star, the choices are endless.

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BANGKOK, Thailand – Thailand Cruise 1-Day Shore Excursion

image image image imageTake a picture journey with us through our Facebook page, link below to Bangkok the capital of Thailand, a sprawling metropolis known for its ornate shrines, with vibrant street life, to our mouthwatering Thai & International cuisine lunch at the Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel, great shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, to a fun Tuk-Tuk ride experience around town. Bangkok is home to an opulent Grand Palace, the sacred Emerald Buddha temple, Wat Pho temple with its enormous reclining Buddha and Wat Arun with its steep steps.

Our 1-day cruise shore excursion in Bangkok, is similar to the one President Obama, was taken through, when he visited Bangkok…”Bangkok’s Hidden Treasures with Tuk-Tuk experience; which will take you on a journey to all the places described.
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clia  photo[1]22[1]
According to a recent study, cruise travelers rank an ocean cruise as the best overall vacation experience. In addition to being fun, a cruise vacation provides a number of health benefits which are supported by third party research.  This week, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) revealed 12 reasons why taking a cruise is a great choice for vacationing and the overall health of the cruise traveler.
“People today are more stressed and overbooked than ever before. Vacations are important to allow the mind and body to re-energize and relax,” said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “A cruise vacation in particular provides a variety of places to see as well as the chance to take part in on-board activities in a safe and healthy environment.”
“The great thing about a cruise is that you can do as much or as little as you want, and you’ll still have a nice break from your daily routines at home,” Whitbourne continued. “If you do decide to explore the sights and many opportunities a cruise can provide, you’ll come back from your trip with a set of new memories, experiences and even friends.”
sunshine1. Sunshine: There’s no better place to enjoy the morning sunshine than a cruise ship deck. Studies have found that getting an hour of natural sunlight in the morning can help fine-tune your internal clock, allowing you to get more (and better!) sleep. Sunshine also has long-term benefits since it helps the body produce the important Vitamin D which has been found to help fight off heart disease and cancer. Moderate amounts of sunshine will also boost serotonin levels that fight off depression. So apply sunscreen and enjoy the rays!
 relaxation2. Relaxation: Finding time to relax plays a vital role in overall health. Chronic stress can lead to a myriad of problems, including impaired memory, inflammation, high blood pressure and heart disease. Skip the stress by lounging at the pool, enjoying spa treatments and relaxing in comfortable accommodations. Best of all, cruising allows for a stress-free vacation experience where vacationers can just “go with the flow” of the itinerary.
clenliness3. Cleanliness: Cruise line cleanliness is highly regulated. Each room and common area is kept clean, presentable and disinfected. From door handles to poker chips, cruise ships are regularly sanitized for the well-being of everyone on board. Clean hands also guide a steady ship, as those on-board are urged to wash hands frequently.
ocean4. Ocean Air: The benefits of fresh, ocean air are seemingly limitless and cruisers can take full advantage day and night.  Between daytime excursions and nights spent relaxing on the ship deck, there is plenty of time to breathe deeply! Fresh air is known to help keep lungs clean; aid in digestion; improve heart rate; strengthen the immune system; and provide an energy boost.
salt water5. Salt Water: Isak Dinesen knew what she was talking about when she said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Cruisers can take full advantage of the amazing benefits of the ocean. Aside from the stress relief a day at the beach provides, swimming in salt water can also help improve circulation by restoring vital minerals to your body. Ocean water and on-ship salt water swimming pools are also a natural beauty treatment, as the magnesium has been found to help hydrate skin and improve inflamed or red complexions.
camaraderie6. Camaraderie: Humans are wired to connect with one another and in our hyper-digital age, this isn’t always a daily reality. Cruising allows for high amounts of quality bonding time with your vacation partners while also allowing you to socialize with new people. Whether over a gourmet dinner in the dining room or during a comedy routine in the ship theater, cruise ships offer time to connect with others free of work emails, smart phones and hand-held gaming systems.

exploration7. Exploration: There’s something to be said about the benefits of exploration and having an adventure (not to mention the stories to tell!). Pre-planned cruise shore excursions allow cruisers to scuba dive, parasail, check out local sites in exotic locations and more, without the stress of making planning every detail or reading millions of reviews to find the right activities. Cruisers can see the world without spending months planning.

dining8. Healthy Dining Options: Though many people think it is impossible to eat well while on vacation, cruise ships around the world offer healthy dining fare and lighter meal options to accommodate every diet. Gluten-free? Vegan? Low-carb diet? Cruise ship chefs are happy to accommodate. Additionally, cruise ships offer buffets filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to help you build a better plate.

active9. Staying Active: Cruise vacations offer vacationers a chance to stay active. There are plenty of onboard activities, like rock climbing, basketball or table tennis. In addition, many cruise ships offer full-service gyms and fun fitness classes like yoga in the morning or nighttime tai chi. It’s easy to stay active with options abound on each ship.

medidation10. Meditation: Whether packing a dance card with endless excursions or taking a leisurely stroll around the port, “think time” on a cruise can help clear the mind. Meditation has been found to help reduce stress, negative emotions, recharge the mind and increase self-awareness. Nothing takes the mind to a peaceful place like gazing into open waters or meditating in a beach chair.

stress11. Stress-Free Vacation Planning: Vacations are important in terms of “getting away” and bonding with loved ones but the stress of planning every detail can be daunting. Cruising allows for stress-free vacation planning with pre-planned excursions, inclusive meals and endless on-ship entertainment. More importantly, a cruise vacation allows you to unpack and get settled in your cabin without the hassle of having to move your belongings, while you visit multiple destinations.

Better Budget Value (PRNewsFoto/CLIA)

12. Better Budget Value: Nothing can bring down a vacation high quite like returning to a pile of credit card bills. Cruise vacations are a great all-inclusive way to enjoy a variety of vacation experiences without a variety of hidden costs. Cruise travel agents are also available to help budget and pre-plan trips for the most budget-friendly experiences.

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10 Healthy Eating Tips for Travelers


Whether you’re jetting around the country or traveling across the globe, it can be difficult to make healthy eating choices. You’re off your usual routine, and away from the familiar. In this traveling mindset, it’s tempting to forget about your eating goals and indulge in unhealthy foods for the sake of convenience and comfort. But with a little planning, you can set yourself up for success by following these 10 healthy eating tips.

1. Bring your own snacks. Carry your own healthy, high-protein snacks with you so that you don’t have to resort to convenience foods like chips and candy bars. Many food manufacturers are starting to make single-serving portions of their snacks, which are perfect for travel. Choose a mix of high-protein items and carbs for fuel:

  • Nuts & Nut Bars
  • Protein Bars
  • Beef Jerky
  • Dried Fruit
  • Granola Bars

2. Flying? Pack your own lunch. Airports are notorious for lackluster eating options, and it’s easy to resort to fast food for the sake of convenience. Brown bag your own food instead, and you’ll start the trip with a healthy meal.

3. Don’t get too hungry. The #1 cause of overeating is under-eating. When you’re famished, it’s hard to resist that cheeseburger with fries. Make plans for your next meal before you get too hungry, and munch on a high-protein snack if mealtime is too far away.

4. Cruise the hotel breakfast buffet before you pick up a plate. Scan all the offerings on hand before you dive in, and you’ll make better decisions. Pass up the frosted pastries and greasy hash browns for an egg-white omelet, unsweetened oatmeal, or yogurt with fresh fruit. Pick a seat far away from the food, and sit with your back to the buffet – this will reduce your desire for seconds.

5. No time for breakfast? Have protein on the fly. If you’re a regular breakfast skipper (you know who you are), you know it’s not a great idea. If you do skip, pack along some vanilla whey protein powder, and toss a scoop into your morning coffee.

6. Single-serve containers of peanut butter are ideal for international travel. No matter where you are in the world, you can always find some sort of plain bread – pita, tortillas, baguettes or naan. Slather your slices with peanut butter, and you have a comfort food sandwich with a twist.

7. Order first at the table. Entertaining clients at dinner? Pick a healthy meal from the menu, and order first. You’ll be less likely to change your mind if everyone else at the table orders steak and fries.

8. Hit the salad bar. When traveling by car (even a rental car), it’s easy to swing by a grocery store with an overflowing salad bar to pick up lunch or dinner (Whole Foods is a good option). Stock up on some extra fruit and snacks for your hotel room.

9. Avoid fast food as a rule. It tastes so good – but you know that it will make you feel horrible later. With neon lighting and bright colors, fast food joints are designed to grab your attention. Do a quick search on your mobile phone instead to find deli counters, sandwich shops, and healthier chains like Panera, Chipotle, Jason’s Deli or Sweet Tomatoes.

10. Drink up. Staying well hydrated while traveling is crucial to counteract the dry airplane environment and extra alcohol you might be consuming. Carry a refillable bottle for the plane, so that you don’t have to rely on the tiny cups of water that the flight attendants distribute.

Courtesy of Trip Case.

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In these days of Wi-Fi on flights and cell phones that can handle more than a 5-year-old desktop, the business traveler is as ‘on the grid’ as their colleague in an office cubicle. And just like your colleague back at their work station, the traveling professional has all sorts of accessories available to help you streamline your work via your phone.

1. Portable Power Bank

With almost every place on earth now home to an internet connection, there is just one other main factor that can come between you and getting your work done – the dreaded dead battery. First on every traveler’s accessory must-have list is then a portable recharger. These are a lifesaver on international trips.

These smartphone-sized devices are good for 3-4 phone charges or (depending on the model) 1-2 tablet charges. Go big with a 10,000 mAh charger to last you for days or sacrifice some milliamp hours for a credit card sized power bank that can fit seamlessly in your front pocket. Pre-load before your trip and dust off when your red light starts blinking.

AmazonBasics 3,000 mAh Ultra-Slim Charger – available from Amazon

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A traveler can control many things on the road, but ambient noise isn’t one of them. You can, however, cut out the chatty flight passengers by creating your own acoustic environment with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Perfect for calling on the move or listening to some motivating tunes, treat yourself to a private suite wherever you may be.

Bose QuietComfort® 20 Earbuds – available from Bose

3. Portable Hard Drive

Is your phone starting to slow from the weight of Powerpoint presentations/HD cat videos on your hard drive? Ease the strain and expand your memory almost infinitely with an external hard drive. Up to 2 terabytes of extra space is just an online purchase away. Most current portable hard drives come with built-in encryption technology to give you an extra layer of security for important business documents. Eliminate cables by purchasing an external hard drive with built-in Wi-Fi to transfer documents from your phone or tablet wirelessly. If you’re an iPhone user, consider an iCloud Storage Plan starting at only $0.99/month.

WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive – available from Amazon

4. Protective Phone Case

The one better option than a good phone insurance plan is to not break the thing in the first place. And as anyone who has fumbled their phone over tiles will tell you, working through a spider web cracked screen can be about as easy as sending an email on a late-90s Nokia. For a traveling professional, a sturdy phone case is a must. Wrapping up your prized handset in something shock-proof and waterproof can save you hundreds of dollars when that inevitable drop occurs.

Speck MightyShell + Faceplate – Available from Speck

5. Portable Hotspot

What traveler wouldn’t like to get back the time spent trying to find the prized free Wi-Fi connection in unfamiliar territory? Or save the money from an hour of pedestrian internet? In these cases, a personal portable Wi-Fi hotspot (or MiFi) can be a great investment. For frequent travelers, what may initially seem like a luxury can turn into a massive time and money saver for domestic travel. Start with a pay-as-you-go plan to gauge your use, and switch to a contract if you feel it’s warranted. Make sure that device you purchase is compatible with your carrier.

Best Mobile Hotspots of 2015 – PCMag

Not forgetting to pack the essentials like your charger and USB cords, with this small selection you can treat anywhere – from a tropical beach to a downtown hotel suite – as your own personal office. Working on the road doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it should be just the opposite. And if you surround yourself these and other essential travel gadgets, it can be just that

Courtesy of Trip Case.

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Travel Insurance – To buy or not to buy?

Travel Insurance, to buy or not to buy? Is undoubtedly the question that many people have asked. Some often decline while others buy, but the incidents that have been occurring around the world when traveling has made a change for the answer to that question.

travel-insurance[1] (2)Travel-insurance[1]

Unfortunate events and accidents occur in our daily lives, and some are likely to take place when we are on vacation or even before departure. Loss of passport, luggage, having an accident while on an excursion, death in the family or of the person traveling, are just a few of the unfortunate occurrences that can make you wish you had purchased that Travel Insurance. An example, one of my client’s  got very sick two days before her cruise and was advised by the doctor not to Travel, boy, was I relieved and glad that I had suggested and added Travel Insurance to their booking. She may have missed the cruise with her group, but she was happy to have gotten her money back to book another cruise and thanked me for recommending the Travel Insurance option to her.

Travel Insurance is generally offered as a package for cancellation, trip interruption, medical and medical evacuation. You can also purchase a cancel for any reason coverage, for peace of mind and depending on your type of trip.

Many Travel Suppliers now offer Travel Protection as an add-on to the package, but you might want to read the fine print or ask your Travel Agent for the exact coverage to see if it covers your travel needs. Your Agent can also advice you and if necessary get you the appropriate coverage directly from the Insurance company.

What you should also know is that when it comes to Travel Insurance, shopping around like most people tend to do when it comes to flight and hotel bookings, would not get you a better deal, so don’t waste your time because what you should actually be looking for is a better coverage for your type of trip.

The question therefore should not be “to buy or not to buy” but what type of coverage to purchase for your travel needs. Travel Insurance policies are designed to cover several travel needs from cruises, flight, vacation packages, car and property rentals etc, which should be offered to you at the time of booking, but if not please do not forget or hesitate to ask for it.

*Remember, always plan ahead & buy Travel Insurance, you may not always need it, but the day you do, you would be glad you did!

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School is out – Summer Travel & Rates!

Summer, many of you would be taking some kind of vacation, domestic or international with your spouses, kids or extended families, which may include grand parents or friends. But the time to have booked and really save for those summer travel months should be months before Summer. If you are late January & February are still good but if you have a group going for example on a cruise, you should get a group rate locked in, a year or more ahead and make monthly payments to make it easier.

IMG_1254 IMG_1317 IMG_1407 IMG_0561666 jamaica5 IMG_1064

Something to remember, if you don’t vacation during the high season period, you can get better deals by booking much closer to your travel date. Choose Europe, Bermuda and the Mediterranean in Spring through early Summer, the Caribbean in Fall & Winter for the best rates plus you avoid the crowd. But Europe is beautiful in winter especially around the holidays, if you don’t mind the cold. Exotic but hot weather destinations like Dubai in Spring & Winter. Make a choice of old ships when it comes to cruising and you would be amazed at some of the low rates you can get.

Many travel suppliers have great sales from January-March because of what we call wave season when many people actually do their bookings. Cruise suppliers offer promotions that include free upgrades, free onboard credit to spend, kids sail free, free air with cruise bookings to Europe, spa, shore excursion included packages, free dining & free beverage packages. Their competing, and each trying to offer the better deal, actually works very well for you and makes it a good time to book your vacation.

If you are already booked through a travel agent, one thing that will help you which you may not know on your own is that your Travel Agent/Cruise Counsellor checks the ongoing rates regularly, then compare with your already booked rate, and if at anytime the ongoing rate or available promotion is lower than what you have, your Agent or Cruise Counsellor will try to get the lower rate for you including any refunds. I know because I have gotten upgrades and refunds applied for a couple of clients.

Booking hotel and flight together is another way to save, but if you are looking for only flights, websites with consolidator prices will have better deals, and international flights booked in January for departures through the year will have better discounts. Hotel discounts range from free nights, free breakfast, free wifi to kids stay free. But the idea is to really know when and where to find the best deals, so let your Agent know your very early what your travel plans are for the year.

*Remember, always plan ahead & buy Travel Insurance, you may not always need it, but the day you do, you would be glad you did!

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Onboard Cruise Ship Tips – Ahoy!!

Parents are generally careful and a little more when traveling, sometimes going the extra mile to practice safety drills with family members on actions to take when separated on a vacation. But when it comes to Cruising, people generally forget that a cruise ship is also a public place. I guess the idea of it being enclosed, with available security staff, cameras monitoring most areas and most activities, plus being at Sea with the unlikely chance of a child walking off or being kidnapped, makes many parents relax.

photo 1[2]  photo 2[1]   IMG_1210 IMG_1104
Cruise ships are simply floating resorts, which means all safety rules applied on land vacations at a resort or hotel should be applicable there. Unfortunately many people let their guard down and some parents with younger kids let them roam alone, return to the stateroom for forgotten items like Aqua shoes, get in the elevator or use a public restroom without an escort.

I am here to awaken your senses to the fact that, things happen everywhere, even on a ship and some of you might have read an unfortunate event or two that happened on some ships. You have no idea who your next door neighbor really is, or what that cheerful easy going guy sitting next to you at dinner does for a living. So always be aware of your surroundings, remember that you are still fully responsible for yourself and your family and if you have taken precious time off your busy schedule and paid thousands of dollars to enjoy a vacation together, then you should take the time to be there for each other.

Partnering helps, older children can escort the younger ones and letting the underage kids understand why they should stay away from the bars, while reminding them to still avoid talking to strangers even when they look friendly.

Remember that the workers on the ship are there for service and still strangers to you, and most earn a lower income which makes crime more tempting, so leave your expensive stuff at home after all you are on vacation and also because crime of opportunity is the easiest of all temptations.

Before your next cruise vacation, talk to your family, do a different kind of safety drill for cruising and HAPPY SAILS!

For more Travel Tips or to “See The World Through Our Eyes” contact Binta S. Yero, ECC, LCS, who is an Elite Cruise Counsellor, Luxury Cruise Specialist & Owner of Yero Travels, LLC, Specializing in Cruises, Land Vacations, Disney Packages & Disney Cruises & Cooperate Travel. or 800-880-9591. Website: Facebook:
































Celebrity Eclipse – 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Modern Luxury Cruise

As a Cruise Counsellor, we support pretty much all the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) member Cruise lines; but the kind of clients we have most times dictates the Cruise line, we support the most. Celebrity Cruises, happens to be one of those cruise lines and for obvious reasons…MODERN LUXURY!! We have been to the Caribbean so many times, but going on a different ship each time gives you a new experience because today’s Cruise liners are destinations on their own and Celebrity Eclipse is a sure winner! We were 52 in our group as part of an OSSN (Outside Sales Support Network) FAM, which means there would be classes to go with the adventure, ouch…! Anyway, not to worry, I love school, who doesn’t?? OK, forget I said that, but seriously, we had a great time and I in particular had a fantastic time (I always do on a cruise anyway), because I can safely tell you that this cruise was one of the BEST if not the BEST I have been on! I love Celebrity ships or should I say, I love luxury; don’t we all!



Where do I begin, the ship is gorgeous, the service excellent, there are amenities you don’t find on any other ship; Like the real grass lawn, where you can play lawn games, relax, put a hole-in-one, have a picnic etc.. Did I mention butler service with white glove treatment and chocolate on your pillow every night? If you are in a Suite, you even get your shoes shined for you! I am blabbering, right? OK, I am going to slow down because  excitement does not go well with writing, so I will start from the beginning…. Celebrity Eclipse has amenities that will pamper you, awaken your senses, excite your desires and calm the hunger in you! There are fantastic Broadway and Comedy shows, Ball room dancing, Fitness Seminars ( Vickie and I attended a detox class, very interesting), A large two-level Library (we visited twice to relax and read), Apple Classes to learn how to use the latest ipads, iphones or MAC computers; Boutique and Jewelry Fashion Show, Masque Theme Party, Adult Game Show, Motown them party, Chef cook-off and Restaurants like Blu which catered to the Aqua Class Stateroom guests and includes SPA treatment for them; Bistro on Five, Oceanview Cafe, Gelateria Cafe al Bacio; Specialty dining at the Tuscan Grille, Qsine and a 5-Star Restaurant Murano, where Celebrity treated us on our first night. We dined on Creamy Maine Lobster Bisque, Wild Forest Mushroom Cappuccino, Porcini and Morei Risotto, Heirloom Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Smoked Salmon and Peekytoe Crab Parfait, Warm Goat Cheese Souffle, Les Petits Filet, Loup DeMer and for dessert we had Pear and Pineapple Gelee Napoleon and Les Perles Socrees. Ahhhhh I could go on and on, and yes, the food was absolutely delicious! The Chef out did himself as we were told, just for us. I had to tell them not to bring anymore food to me after the second course, because I was so full, but it was all good and we all had too much to eat that night! Another excellent dining feature on any Celebreity ship, is room service, whcih unlike many ships, you have a full meal menu in your room; not just snacks or sandwiches, because I enjoyed a delicious grilled Salmon on two nights that I was not feeling too well to dine with the group. The lobster on Captain’s dinner night was equally delicious, almost everyone on my table ordered two!




I am not really one for desserts, but to be honest, I had more deserts on this cruise than at any one time in my life! I ate chocolate twice a day, (honey chocolate ummmm), the guy at the Gelateria Cafe al Bacio remembered me after my third trip and I was there twice a day, every day! I had creme bruleee every night after dinner, by the way that is my favorite desert; and I had fresh baked coconut cookies in the evenings! Boy, I think I have gained another 20 pounds just talking about it. Did I do all that??? Oh God I did, ouch….I really did and Vickie just kept on watching me; I pray my doctor never reads this, ever!! What happens on a cruise stays on the cruise, but unfortunately for me, I have to blog about it. So its all out!


You can also have a great shopping experience on the ship. We went into every shop with Vickie and another time with Eva; and we all wanted like a gazillion things but with one kid in college and another going this year, I had to stop myself at just one bottle of perfume, the NEW Roberto Cavalli that is not yet in the United States at the time. DUTY FREE, oh yeah! There was increadible music performed at the different lounges all around the ship and I really enjoyed the performance by Gitarist Jonny Mantra, which I recorded and have posted on our Youtube page. (

I will only briefly talk about the Ports, because I have already done that in my earlier blogs. In San Juan, Peurto Rico, some of us shopped for souvenirs, walked around old San Juan and took pictures, while others went on excursions. In St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, we were picked up by Vickie’s friend Carl, who took us to his house to hang out for a while, then we went Pandora shopping and later to Marriott Frenchman’s Cove for a Site Inspection and Tour. We book clients to Marriott, so it was nice to see some of the updated renovations on the property while there. It is a beautiful property and excellent for vacationing. In Philipsburg, St. Maarten, we went shopping, pure and simple! I bought some shirts for my boys which is where I get those brand name shirts like Lacoste, very cheap and duty FREE, bought some beautiful summer kaftan-blouses for myself and for my friends. As always, when in St. Maarten we enjoyed the coconut smoothie, which to me is the best in the world and can only be found there. Every time we have clients going there, I never fail to mention the coconut smoothie and they come back giving it an A+! But for the best Mango smoothie, go to Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!




Our las two days at Sea were relaxing yet FUN and engaging. I worked out in the GYM, had a hot stone massage at the AquaSPA by Elemis and stocked up on my Elemis products like Japanese oil and Frangipani oil from the shop; then I moved to the Solarium (Adult only area) where I soaked myself in the hot tub for about 35 minutes and later laid in the Cabana to read a book that I never actually got to open, because I fell asleep while taking in the breathtaking oceanviews; but when I woke up, I was relaxed, fully re-freshened and ready for lunch! hahahaha! That night I also went to the Disco, had a groovy time and made new friends! Ahhh, there is so much you can do or not do, on a Cruise vacation. I also love some moments of solitude, I know what you are thinking, solitude on a cruise?? But yes! At night I wake up most times at 2:00am to sit on my balcony to enjoy the fresh sea air while looking out at the ocean waves, taking it all in, and I brain storm business ideas, come up with solutions to unsolved problems, pray and sometimes write a poem or two. On this Cruise I actually wrote two poems… (; too much time on my hands? I guess so, but only on a Cruise! Hahaha!




On the last day at Sea we had a Celebrity Cruise product update Class and we got to play Celebrity Jeopardy, which was exciting but it was more so for me because I WON! Yippeee!(Shish, I am a Celebrity Academy 5-Star Graduate Agent, may be they should not have let me play) Hahahahaha! Any way my prize was to dine with the second and third place winners and our chosen guests at Qsine Restaurant. Qsine a one of a kind dining, is an artistic culinary experience like no other! Your menu is an ipad… ipad… yes an ipad is the menu and you make your selection from it. A fantastic presentation of exotic foods that will tantalize any taste buds, of tastes around the world all in one night; three hours to be precise! From Chinese, Mediterranean, American, Arab dishes, you name it…. we were all truly impressed and loved every bite! The service was superb and the dessert, like the Silver bullet was divinely delicious! Who knew I could take a bullet!! WOW! If by now you are not drooling over what I am saying and thinking of going on a cruise, then please, go see a doctor or something… Hahahahaha!!




Now you know how cruising makes me feel, how good and exciting it can be, how you can let out your inner self, put everything behind, simply relax and have a GREAT TIME!! It does wonders to your health, of course without all the desserts! You visit different destinations, meet new people and if you are with loved ones, you spend quality time together…. PRICELESS!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, now, take a deep breath and contact me, because you are going on a Celebrity Cruise. But before then, I will not end with out thanking, Melody Fee, Vice President OSSN; Patricia Bannister, Regional Director OSSN; Cris De Souza of Celebrity Cruises; Oliver Dukic, Celebrity onboard food Manager who catered to our every, sometimes impossible needs; Sonia Boatwright, Sales Supervisor at Marriott Frenchman’s Cove in St. Thomas, my good friend Vickie who puts up with my picky ways (I love you girl), Carl and the rest of the group for making this cruise another special one.

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