image image image image imageBlue Lagoon Island is an off-shore private island 5km from Nassau in the Bahamas that serves as a local tourist attraction, but prior to the late 19th Century it was a salt marsh referred to as Salt Cay.

It is now a beautiful private paradise, with the purest white sand, crystal clear waters to dive in, with all sorts of water sports, rides, activities including Sea Lion and Dolphin encounters. For years the beauty of the Bahanas has captured many tourists, including movie producers, who filmed a couple of movies here, including the movie Flipper which was actually filmed on the Blue Lagoon Island.

Enjoy our Facebook picture story of this breathtaking Island, from the link below. To book a Bahamas vacation or a Cruise to the Bahamas with a package to Blue Lagoon Island:, 1(800) 880-9591 or visit our website

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